10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Movers

10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Movers


Moving can be a challenging and stressful time. If you’re hiring movers then the entire process is going to be more efficient and it is going to make life easier for you in every possible way. However, there are many mistakes that people make and so, our aim is to help you avoid those mistakes. The truth is, many people make many mistakes when hiring movers and these mistakes can actually cause more problems and stress. Therefore, the following mistakes should be avoided if you are looking for a hassle-free moving experience.

Below we’ve outlined the 10 most common mistakes that people when hiring a moving company. We want to help you make the right decision, and thinking about what we’ve listed could save you time, money, and headaches in the future.

1. Opting For The Lowest Price

While it is always good to save money, opting for the lowest price movers could be a big mistake. They will promise to offer you everything you expect but you’ll likely be hit with more costs further down the line, making them more expensive. It’s true when people say that cheaper is not always better and that is extremely true when it comes to your belongings. A company charging less might not have the right equipment, expertise or the ability to look after your items.


2. Getting Quotes Over The Phone and Submitting Online Inventory List

Moving companies will need to visit your home in order to obtain an idea of the exact quote. They’ll also be able to identify everything that will be moved, ensuring it matches up with your inventory. If you believe that you can receive an honest quote over the phone then you are very much mistaken. Moving companies need to see your property and your belongings in order to provide a real price. Anything provided over the phone or submitted online is likely to cause you real problems.


3. Not Receiving Several Estimates

It’s really important to get quotes from at least three moving companies. This will ensure you are paying the right price and are not being overcharged for the service you are receiving. Every company is different and they will all look at the different aspects of the move and what it will cost. However, there are companies out there that will attempt to overcharge and so, by obtaining several estimates, you’ll be able to gain an understanding of what it costs while ensuring you’re not being overcharged.


4. Not Carrying Out Research

To ensure that your chosen movers are reliable and trustworthy, you should carry out research on them. You can read complaints and feedback online and you can visit their premises to see how they operate. Failing to research could mean that you leave your belongings in the wrong hands.


5. Not Planning Ahead

If you’re thinking of moving during summer, when it’s often busier, it’s important you plan and book ahead as this will enable you to get everything in place. It will also mean that you’ll have the right company carrying out the work for you. Planning is vital when it comes to moving because often, there is a chain involved which means that you’ll need to move on a certain date, so leaving it until last minute could mean you miss out on using the moving company of your choice.


6. Failing To Ask About Extra Costs

Moving companies can charge additional fees for things such as a lack of parking or having to move goods up and down stairs. All of these things are likely to cost more and so, you should always ask about extra costs to avoid nasty surprises. This also underpins the importance of speaking with and meeting your moving company. They should prompt you to ask these questions and they might even ask them, giving you the opportunity to paint a clear picture of the actual situation.


7. Not Asking Questions

When hiring a moving company, there are many things to think about. Therefore, you should make sure you ask questions. You need to ask things such as whether they are registered, insured and if the sub-contract. Their answers will help you make an informed decision. So, spend time researching the right things to ask, try making a list of questions weeks before you meet your moving company and keep adding more questions to the list as the questions come to mind.


8. Failing to Identify Their Complaint Record

It’s rare to find a moving company without complaints but finding out what those complaints are and how they rectified them could prove costly. They could be small complaints that you can deal with but large complaints can help you avoid the wrong movers. It’s important to remember that your moving company are going to be in charge of your belongings and one fatal mistake could prove costly. Therefore, understanding how they react to problems and what problems they have caused could provide you with the insight you need to make an informed decision.


9. Not Informing The Mover Of Any Challenges They Might Face

To ensure that the costs are accurate, you’ll need to make sure that they are informed of any problems. This could include access problems, parking restrictions, road access and delivery time restrictions as well as elevators and stairs. Failing to inform them could increase the costs. Don’t try to overlook certain problems or hide potential issues because in doing so, it’s very likely that you are going to be hit with extra charges when the time comes.


10. Not Keeping a Track Of The Different Estimates

You’re going to have lots of quotes, so keep every estimate organised and ensure that you know which quote each company provided. staying organised and in control will provide peace of mind and clarity when making the right decision. You don’t want to choose the wrong company because of incorrect information.


Avoiding all of these problems will make the entire process stress-free and efficient while keeping costs down. Moving can prove to be a challenge but a reputable moving company and avoiding the common mistakes will make a huge difference.