In-House Moving Estimates – Why are they so Important?

In-House Moving Estimates – Why are they so Important?


Moving can feel like quite the ordeal. That’s why it’s so important to approach several different moving companies so that they can provide you with an in-house moving estimate on the cost of your move. When it comes to final invoices, no one likes surprises!

But wait – why is it so important to get an in-house estimate? You’re busy, and just want someone to give you a rough quote over the phone. That’s enough, right?

Wrong. Here are the top six reasons why an in-house estimate is always the best option as you prepare to move.


6 Reasons why you should get an in-house moving estimate

  1. An in-house estimate allows you to stay within your budget – Once you have accurate quotes from a number of moving companies, you can make the right decision that matches your budget. This really reduces your stress – you won’t be left wondering how much you’re going to owe at the end of the day.
  2. You’re less likely to be scammed by moving companies – Sadly, there are some unscrupulous movers out there. If a company is willing to give you an estimate without visiting your home, how can they understand your moving needs and see what you have to move? You can only get an accurate quote if an expert from the company visits your home, assesses your belongings, and speaks with you about your specific needs.
  3. It allows you to negotiate a better deal – We all want to pay the best price! When you get a number of different quotes, you are in a better position to compare them against each other. It allows you to weigh costs against specific services and make the decision that is best for your wallet.
  4. The moving company can provide you with a smoother and easier move – If the moving company knows exactly what to expect on moving day, your entire experience will be a lot easier. They won’t face any unexpected surprises, and you won’t face any unexpected costs. They’ll discuss your exact needs and provide you with a quote that accurately represents the time, labor, and materials needed to complete the job.
  5. It equips you with more knowledge about your move – You know what they say – knowledge is power! As you watch the moving company representative make their way through your home, you’ll be able to see what they are looking out for and assessing as they generate your quote. This, in turn, will help you better understand the movers’ ability to handle your move, and the factors that affect the pricing and delivery.
  6. It gives you time to make a well-thought-out decision – By obtaining several estimates from different moving companies, you can take some time to look them over, think about them, and make the best choice for your needs. You won’t feel rushed as you make your decision, as you have a written record of the different estimates that you can refer back to at any time.

Remember – when it comes to moving estimates, never just base your decision on price. Use the information in the quotes to determine the value of the services offered, and decide which is best for your household or business.


3 Different types of in-house estimates

Here are the 3 different types of in-house estimates available:

  • Non-binding estimate – This estimate does not bind your mover to the price they have quoted. It’s not a guaranteed price, it’s merely an estimate. The actual cost you pay may be above or below the quoted price.
  • Binding estimate – This is a guaranteed price that holds the mover to the price that they quoted. However, even if the actual move comes out lower than the amount quoted, you’re still required to pay the price quoted.
  • Notto-exceed estimate – With this type of estimate, you’ll never have to pay more than the amount quoted. However, if the actual cost of the move is lower than the quote, you will only be charged the lower of the fees.

Just remember – the more information you provide the moving company, the more accurate their estimate will be. Never trust a company that provides estimates over the phone; it’s always a better idea to get an in-house estimate!